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Service Call Process/Escalation - NetOptiks

NetOptiks provides technical support services 24 hours per day; seven days a week. The following information is used to provide the customer with the necessary information to generate a service call and see to it that it is handled in the best possible manner.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) should be contacted in the following manner:

Priority 1 Service Requests: 1-855-999-7270

Priority 2 Service Requests:

Customers should use the following guidelines in determining their Service Request Priority:

Priority 1: Customer network connection is down or there is a critical impact to the customer's business operations. Operation of an existing network is severely degraded, or significant aspects of the customer's business operation are being negatively impacted by unacceptable network performance.

NetOptiks and the customer will commit necessary resources around the clock to resolve the situation. Any supporting technical documents (pings, traceroutes, show interface, etc.) should be emailed

When placing a call, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Company
  • Address, including city
  • Phone Number
  • A brief description as to the nature of the problem

During normal business hours, we will attempt to provide a live hand off to a Network Technician. Outside normal business hours, a technician will be paged and you will receive a call back within 30 minutes.

Priority 2: Operational performance of the network is impaired while most business operations remain functional. Customer requires information or assistance on NetOptiks network capabilities, installation, or configuration. There is clearly minimal or no impact to the customer's business operation.

NetOptiks and the customer are willing to provide resources during normal business hours to restore service to satisfactory levels or to provide information or assistance as requested. Your request tosupport@nrbn.cawill be attached to a Network Technician and you will be contacted via email upon completion of your request.

Local Support Contacts

Rodney Morgan - Manager Outside Plant Operations
Tel: (226) 493-1045
Cell: (519) 717-2136

Michael Smid - Network Technician
Tel: (226) 493-1046
Cell: (519) 717-6361


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